Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March for Babies!

It's that time again! Please consider donating to such a worthy cause!

We are so blessed to have two healthy boys! Garrett and Jace both spent extended time in the NICU at Odessa Regional Hospital and for that reason, The March of Dimes has a special place in my heart! Won't you consider making March of Dimes one of your favorite charities?

I would love to have you join me on my walk in April, but if you are unable to walk with me, please consider making a contribution to the March for Babies! Parents, families, and friends of NICU babies are forever grateful for your generosity!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Of course, Garrett was "too tired" to get up for school! So, after some serious prodding and a little threatening with no cartoons before bed, he finally got up. Then, he did NOT want to wear the clothes that I had picked out for him! UGHHH! So, I sent him to his room to pick new clothes while I made and packed his lunch. I went to check to make sure he was not choosing something inappropriate for school and when I went into the bathroom between the boys' rooms, I found an entire bottle of baby powder ALL over the bathroom. It was up the walls and in the drawers of the cabinets. He pulled all the rugs from the bathroom over by the sink to cover up the MESS in the floor! There is a white haze on everything! He had done the deed a few days before, I had just not been in to find it until this morning! After questioning him about it, I had to turn and walk out because, even though it is a disaster zone, it was toooooo funny! We finally get clothes on, lunch packed, backpack loaded, and Jace ready to go and head out to Jacob's truck (mine is in the shop). When I get in and get the boys buckled, I realize Jacob's inspection sticker is expired. By this point, I am NOT a happy camper, to say the least! So, I have to call him and get a little bit ugly! (It didnt expire in December... it has been out since OCTOBER!) We get to school, pull up, and Garrett is getting out and can't find his back pack. Well, that is because it is still hanging on the chair where he left it! I am really ready to blow my top, but I make him get out and go in and tell him he will just have to live with no back pack today... tough love, you know!?!? As, I am driving home, stewing about all that has gone wrong this morning, I realize I can't make him go with no backpack because his lunch box is in it! GRRR! So, I come back home, grab the back pack, drive back to school, and have to take it in to the office in my most beautiful attire. I am in sweat pants, tshirt, house shoes, no make up, and a scary ponytail! I am worn out and just want to go back to bed, but a mother's work is never done! Jace needed a breathing treatment and his breakfast and then it was time to get ready for work! Let's just hope the rest of this week is less chaotic or I may just have to be a shut in! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

oldies...but goodies!

I have so enjoyed looking at everyone's "roll back" pictures on facebook this week! So, I was inspired to post these pictures.

This is me at 6 months with my sweet mom!

...and this is me with my Garrett at 6 months.

and here is Jace at 6 months and Garrett at 5 1/2!

This is my 4th birthday! loving sparkly jewelry already!
Age 5... with my favorite cabbage patch kids, Inga and Maxine!

Age 10

and high school! Go Big Red!

I would LOVE to see your old pictures, too! It is too fun to have a look back!