Saturday, January 16, 2010

oldies...but goodies!

I have so enjoyed looking at everyone's "roll back" pictures on facebook this week! So, I was inspired to post these pictures.

This is me at 6 months with my sweet mom!

...and this is me with my Garrett at 6 months.

and here is Jace at 6 months and Garrett at 5 1/2!

This is my 4th birthday! loving sparkly jewelry already!
Age 5... with my favorite cabbage patch kids, Inga and Maxine!

Age 10

and high school! Go Big Red!

I would LOVE to see your old pictures, too! It is too fun to have a look back!

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  1. How adorable you were...and still are!! Cute blog idea, Kimberly! Love and miss you! :)